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Welcome to A Reason To Dance – Radio G!
Serious Dance Music – Worldwide!

What is Radio G!, you ask? A Reason To Dance – Radio G! is a completely free internet radio service that you can listen to from anywhere in the world with a fast enough internet connection! All you have to do is go to RadioGLive.org! A Reason To Dance – Radio G! has no commercials, has no corporate interests, and is not driven to always try to make a penny. In fact, we don’t make any money doing this, and our budget is always in the red! (Learn more, including how you can help, in our Sponsorship section.)

Originally, Radio G! started at radiog.org.  However, unfortunately, that domain slipped away from us, so, to emphasize our original programming, live, 24-hours a day, we’ve relocated to RadioGLive.org!

So, why do we need A Reason To Dance – Radio G! when other great internet dance stations already exist? Perhaps it would be best if we just quoted an email we received from listener Gregory, in Illinois:

I rediscovered your station today and SO GLAD I did.

The station has captured the TRUE meaning of dance music.

Been listening for 6 hours solid now and not one single repeat – THANK YOU!

Everything you have played I have played at one time or another thru my 27 years of dj’ing – thanks for all the memories also!

No other station can hold a candle to you!

Or, a note we got from our Facebook page from listener Mike:

It is sooooo completely obvious how much better you all are than every other EDM station out there!

A Reason To Dance – Radio G! is chock full of positive, happy energy! We’re Serious Dance Music – Worldwide!  Seriously! If you’re going to listen to dance music, you might as well listen to something that actually makes you want to dance. Radio G! is a station that gives YOU A Reason To Dance.

A Reason To Dance – Radio G! is now in the middle of our 15th year of live, 24 hour, original programming from our World Broadcast Center. We’ve been giving people everywhere A Reason To Dance since our official launch on New Year’s Day, 2006. Please take a look around the site, and don’t forget to tune in!

Artists, musicians, producers, and music industry people: Radio G! is a not-for-profit service that loves to share music around the world. Do you have something that you think our audience would like? Simply contact our Program Director with your package at NewMusic@RadioGLive.org. Our interest is great music that gives listeners everywhere A Reason To Dance. So, if you have some, share it with us, and we’ll get it on the air. That’s NewMusic@RadioGLive.org!

Feedback on A Reason To Dance – Radio G! is always welcome, and encouraged.  Simply write to RadioG@RadioGLive.org.

General Inquiries: RadioG@RadioGLive.org

General Manager: GM@RadioGLive.org

Music Director: MD@RadioGLive.org

Music Submissions and Inquiries: NewMusic@RadioGLive.org

A Reason To Dance – Radio G! is proudly produced by, and a service of G3-Networks.