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A Reason To Dance – Radio G! streams high quality, live audio 24 hours a day.

Our streams are available everywhere! Or, check out our Mobile Listening options.

HTML5 Players:
Your browser can probably play this, at home, or while mobile!

128K HTML5 (MP3) stream

Flash Player:
Just use your browser. 128K MP3 streams, all the same quality!
(Not compatible with Google Chrome 55 and up.)

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High Quality for Low Bandwidth:
Perfect for slow, dial-up, mobile phones, or at the office.

32k AAC+ stream
64k AAC+ stream

Full Quality, High Bandwidth:
Full steam ahead, with the best audio we have available!

128k MP3 stream

Mobile Listening Options:
Check here for information on tuning in on your iPhone, or Android devices.

Port 80 Streaming:
Some company firewalls and corporate environments restrict listening through our traditional methods.  You can load these links into your favorite player, and hopefully get around all that!

32K AAC+ Port 80 Stream
64K AAC+ Port 80 Stream
128K MP3 Port 80 Stream

If you are still unable to listen, you may want to copy the desired link above by holding down your right mouse button or Ctrl-clicking the link and choosing “Copy Link”.  Then, paste it into your player’s “Open Stream” or “Open URL” functions to listen to Radio G!  If you have continued trouble, try looking for help in the forums.