Mobile Listening

What are the easiest ways to listen on the go?

A Reason To Dance – Radio G! recommends these apps and methods:

Apple App Store

iOS (including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch):

Safari (free, built-in): This is already built into your iOS device. Open Safari, navigate to http://dance.radioglive.com:8142/listen.pls or tap this link.  Or try an HTML5 link below.

TuneMark RadioTuneMark Radio ($.99): Our favorite radio app on any platform. Install, launch, tap “Stations” on the bottom, tap “SHOUTcast Keyword Search” and search for “A Reason To Dance.” Mobile listening will work best using the 32K aacp stream.

TuneIn Radio/TuneIn Radio Pro (free/$9.99): Simple, easy, and works! Install TuneInthe app, search for “A Reason To Dance” and go! Hit the preferences button at upper right to “Choose stream”. For mobile listening, we recommend the 32Kbps AAC stream.

HTML5LogoHTML5 Players.  (free, built-in): This uses new Web standards! Simply open your mobile Web browser (we like Google Chrome or Safari) and navigate to our 128K stream.  Or find options here: http://BROADCAST.RadioGLive.com.

Google Play Store

Android (including phones, & tablets):

XiiaLiveXiiaLive Internet Radio/XiiaLive™ Internet Radio Pro (free/$3.99): We like this app on Android for it’s cool look, ease of use, and best in class buffering. Install, launch, press “Search”, search for “A Reason To Dance”, and choose your stream. The 32Kbps AAC+ stream saves mobile bandwidth and sounds awesome!

TuneInTuneIn Radio/TuneIn Radio Pro (free/$9.99): Simply install the app, search for “A Reason To Dance” and choose a stream bitrate. We recommend that 32K AAC+ stream.

HTML5LogoHTML5 Players.  (free, built-in): Works on iOS and Android too!  Simply open your mobile Web browser (we like Google Chrome or Safari) and navigate to our 128K stream.Or find options here: http://BROADCAST.RadioGLive.com.

Windows Phone, Blackberry, and others:

We hate to say it, but really? We do appreciate you trying to tune in, and you probably can.  For assistance, please check out our Forums posting with Direct Listening Links.

Or find other options here: